Argentina’s industrial and commercial development extends beyond the areas near major entrance and exit ports, which makes it necessary for goods to be transported from and to production area itself combining different transport means. Centauro is Argentina’s leader in multi-modal transport providing solutions through the combination of the following alternatives:

• Ship / Truck
• Ship / Train
• Overseas ship / Barge
• Plane / Truck

We specialize in imports operations via Montevideo (Uruguay), Valparaiso and San Antonio (Chile) ports, and provide multiple options to Argentinean importers who for different reasons prefer to use these entrance routes for their products.

For exports to countries of the Pacific coast of America, we offer competitive shipping solutions via Chilean ports. Better costs and fastest transit times make multi-modal exports via Chilean Ports the best shipping option for destinations such as: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Central America, US West Coast and Canada.

Centauro is a pioneer in multi-modal exports solutions via Chilean Ports because it can offer the best shipping control and tracking conditions using its own structure in the main cities of Argentina.
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