Centauro has vast experience in handling bulk cargoes such as wines, musts, juices, oils, lubricants, glycerine, etc.  Bulk cargoes require a special logistics as the new trend is to transport bulk liquids in containers using FLEXITANKS.

Flexitanks are flexible bags made of different materials depending on the product to be transported which contain the liquid in a standard container allowing transportation of bulk liquids in general cargo containers.

The logistic control of imports and exports of bulk liquids requires highly-trained staff. Centauro has the most solid team of professionals to handle of these cargoes, whether they are few containers or massive quantities to be transported at the same time.

We would like to highlight the following aspects of our specialization:

  • Handling of large volumes combining ocean with rail and roads operations
  • Checking of containers apt for flexitanks prior to pick up
  • Highly trained staff to assist exporter when loading
  • Full traceability of logistics chain from origin to final destination
  • Operational support at port of loading
  • Permanent assistance throughout the whole supply chain
  • Special equipments design adapted to meet cargo needs.
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